No matter what your favorite style of brew, Wild Ride will have a beer for you! This list below includes beers that we currently have on tap and in distribution. To get an accurate list of what we are serving in our taproom, please give us a call at (541) 516-8544
3 Sisters American Red Ale

Faith, Hope, and Charity.  The backdrop of Central Oregon features these lovely sisters which are three of the highest peaks in Oregon.  We use three main types of malt and hops to represent these Central Oregon landmarks.  This beautiful beer has a sunset red appearance to remind us of their presence at the end of the day.  Like many peaks you might aspire to climb, these sisters can be both bitter and sweet, as the select hops represent the northwest in every way possible.

2018 Silver Medal Winner – San Diego International Beer Competition

2015 Silver Medal Winner – North American Beer Awards


Alc. 6.0%       IBUs 45

OG 14         TG 2.8

Available on Draft 
Big Booty Golden Ale

Big Booty Golden Ale is a treasure in today's world of full flavored light beers. The malt helps create a golden ale, light in body, with a sweetness lingering at the finish. What helps separate this beer from other ales are the notes of berry and citrus in the aroma and flavor.  This unique profile is established by adding  hops at the “back end” of the brewing process. This golden ale is sure to bring riches to everyone!


2019 Bronze Medal Winner – Oregon Beer Awards
2016 Gold Medal Winner – North American Beer Awards


Alc. 5.5%       IBUs 20

OG 12            TG 2

Available on Draft
Juicy Gorilla Snax IPA

Take a walk into the wild with a ripe pint of Juicy Gorilla Snax IPA! Brewed alongside George, our favorite Gorilla, this juicy IPA packs a punch of tropical aromas created by the enormous amount of Cryo Citra and Azacca hops in the beer. Add in Strata, Cashmere and Centennial hops, and you’ll experience notes of passion fruit and citrus that will pop in your mouth! A beer you can beat your chest to and scream with joy as you enjoy this hoppy, juicy IPA!


Alc. 6.7%       IBUs 55

Available on Draft & 4-pack 16oz Cans
Brenna A Amber Lager

Wild Ride Brewing has teamed up with the crew of the F/V Brenna A to raise awareness and money for ALS research alongside ALSTDI, the largest research facility dedicated to finding a cure for ALS. Together we've created a beer to honor the memory of Captain Patrick Ford Dwyer. Using traditional European malts, this Lager has a full body with an amber color and pleasant sweet malt flavor. Balanced with Mandarina Bavaria hops and fermented with a traditional lager yeast, this beer is smooth and easy to drink.


2018 Gold Medal Winner – Best of Craft Beer Award


Alc. 5.0%       IBUs 25

Available on Draft
Phil's Pils Pilsner

Enjoy a refreshing Pilsner after a long ride! Inspired by classic European Pilsner styles, Phil’s Pils allows your taste buds to really spin their wheels. The Saaz and Sterling hops create an aroma that is herbal with notes of spice. This beer is clean and crisp with a mellow sweet malt complexity, finishing with a touch of dryness and low bitterness residue. When you’re off the trail, cool off with a pint of Phil’s Pils!


Alc. 5.1%       IBUs 15

Available on Draft
Electri-Fly IPA

Prepare to lift off and experience an IPA that is sure to excite! Electri-Fly IPA showcases a blend of premium two-row and honey malts, which lay a perfect perch for the addition of hops. Flown in from the southern hemisphere, the unique hops are used to give this beer a pleasant flavor and aroma of tropical fruit. These select ingredients will exhilarate at first taste, and deliver a satisfying experience as you prepare to land.


2017 Gold Medal Winner – Best of Craft Beer Awards


Alc. 6.3%       IBUs 65

OG 15            TG 3

Available on Draft & 6-pack 12oz Bottles
Nut Crusher Peanut Butter Porter

We love beer. And we love peanut butter. And Nut Crusher Peanut Butter Porter is here to bring the best of these two worlds together! With notes of chocolate and caramel, this porter is complemented by the addition of creamy peanut butter flavor. It's a true liquid peanut butter cup, and it's here for you to enjoy.

2019 Gold Medal Winner – Best of Craft Beer Award


Alc. 6.0%       IBUs 18

OG 16.3      TG 5.2

Available on Draft, 4-pack 16oz Cans, 22oz bottles, & 6-pack 12oz Bottles
Whoopty Whoop Wheat

Whoopty Whoop Wheat is an American Hefeweizen brewed to help you get through the obstacles of life. The late addition of lemon peel during fermentation gives this traditional wheat beer a pleasant citrus aroma with a slightly tart finish. Enjoy this refreshing beer!

2020 Gold Medal Winner – Great American Beer Festival

2019 Bronze Medal Winner – Best of Craft Beer Awards
2019 Silver Medal Winner – North American Beer Awards


Alc. 5.5%       IBUs 20

OG 12            TG 2

Available on Draft
& 6-pack 12oz Cans
Hippy Haze IPA

Get ready for a hazy head-trip when one experiences the far-out flavor and aroma sensation created in Hippy Haze. Wild Ride Brewing uses extreme hop flower power by combining Citra, Mosaic, Meridian, and Denali hops to create citrus and pineapple flavors and aromas.  This new age fad is one groovy beer.


Alc. 6.5%       IBUs 50

Available on Draft and 6-pack 12oz Cans
Hidden Trail NW Hazy Pale Ale

The Pacific Northwest is full of hiking trails and some of the best are worth exploring even on a cloudy day. While the NW Hazy Pale Ale may not be clear, it will take your taste buds on an epic adventure. This beer is full of fruit and tropical flavors created by the unique blend of  hops, including Mosaic and El Dorado, among others. Trust the taste and believe in what is waiting for you beyond the haze. Share your favorite hidden trail with friends and continue to enjoy the Wild Ride!


Alc. 5.4%       IBUs 35

Available on Draft & 6-pack 12oz Bottles
Tarty to the Party Coconut Lime Sour Ale

Get ready to make your taste buds dance with the next up in our sour series, Tarty to the Party Coconut Lime Sour Ale! This beer is a kettle-soured ale, with lime added to the brew to offer extra tartness, and coconut added to create a sweet and refreshing flavor in the beer. These bright flavors blend well and are prominent in the mouthfeel. Full of flavor from tart to finish, this sour ale is a party you don’t want to miss.


Alc. 5.5%       IBUs 10

Available on Draft & 22oz Bottles
Tarty to the Party Pink Grapefruit Sour Ale

Get ready to make your taste buds dance! Tarty to the Party Pink Grapefruit Sour Ale is a kettle-soured ale with the addition of grapefruit to give an extra tartness in the brew. The tart flavors that are prominent in the mouthfeel from the kettle-souring process blend with the grapefruit to add a pleasant aroma and fruity taste. Full of flavor from tart to finish, this sour ale is a party you don’t want to miss.


Alc. 5.4%       IBUs 5

Available on Draft & 22oz Bottles
Cold Chillin' Vanilla Cream Ale

Cold Chillin’ Vanilla Cream Ale is golden in color with a silky smooth mouthfeel to cool you down from the summer sun.  Vanilla bean is added to the cream ale base to add sweetness and flavor to the brew.  Kick back, relax and get your chill on as you enjoy this summertime sensation.


Alc. 4.8%       IBUs 20

Available on Draft & 6-pack 12oz Cans

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