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Wild Ride Brewing is a production brewery and Tap Room located in the heart of downtown Redmond, Oregon. Planning began in late 2011, and the beers began flowing from the taps at Wild Ride Brewing on May 10, 2014. We are now open 7 days a week with food options available from the food cart community located on our patio. Our family-friendly Tap Room has indoor and outdoor seating to fit the Central Oregon lifestyle. 


Our Wild Ride began when the idea of creating an awesome brewery came alive. A group of lifelong friends, who grew up in Redmond, started plotting the course. With no professional brewer on the team, priority one was finding the right team to create the brews. Through the ups and downs and twists and turns, we met many interesting and special people along the way. Our brewers have been brewing award-winning beers since the beginning and continue to craft innovative and fun styles!


Another important chapter to our story included finding the perfect location. In 2013, we found just that in an old lumber storage building in downtown Redmond. And that’s when this Wild Ride really took off! The building had four walls, concrete floors, garage doors and a tall ceiling, which was all we needed. We then created a plan to add everything else, beginning with running water (some of the best in the Pacific NW). We are thrilled to have found this location in our hometown, and there is no other place we would rather call home for our brewery.


This is the short story of our wild ride, and our story will keep on keeping on as we continue to make great brews for everyone to enjoy. So, what’s your Wild Ride? Whatever it may be, we raise a pint to you and the journey you’ll take to turn your wild ride into a reality.




We began our brewing operation utilizing a new 20BBL two-vessel brewing system, with three 40BBL Fermentation Vessels and one 40BBL Brite Tank. This operation allowed us to brew both single 20BBL batches of our beers, but also double-batch our beers for better efficiency and consistency.  Today, Wild Ride Brewing operates on the same 20BBL two-vessel brewing system, but with nine 40BBL Fermentation Vessels and three 40BBL Brite Tanks.  This allows us to produce upwards of 9,000BBLs of beer at our current capacity.  We are still able to brew single batches of our beer, many of those for specialty or seasonal beers, although many of our standard beers are double-batch brews to meet market demands.


To date we have brewed over 200 different styles of beer at Wild Ride, and many more are planned to be in tank in the coming months.  We continue to offer our beers in draft, 22oz bottles, 12oz bottles in 6-packs, and 12oz cans in 6-packs.  We’re excited about our production capabilities moving forward into the years to come.


Our brewery operation is very visible from our Tap Room and the patio, and on any given day you’ll have the opportunity to watch our phenomenal team of brewers operate and produce some of the finest, most enjoyable craft beers you can find in the Pacific Northwest.  If you can’t make it to Central Oregon to see our brewery, make sure you look for our beers at your favorite stores and establishments throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska.

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