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No matter what your favorite style of brew, Wild Ride will have a beer for you! The list below includes some seasonal beers we have in our Tap Rooms. To get an complete list of what we are serving in our taprooms, please give us a call
at 541-516-8544 (RDM location) or 541-903-8130 (PRI location). 
FrozenFactalsUNTAPPD (8.7 × 10 in).png
Frozen Fractals Cold IPA

Frozen Fractals Cold IPA is crisp with a mellow body. Featuring an experimental hop from our friends at Yakima Quality Hops, a yet to be named hop with the moniker YQH-1320, the aroma is a burst of light lime citrus with touches of soft peach and fruity mango. The hop flavor is more of a soft stone fruit melded with a touch of white grape. This is a great beer for those who love hops but not all the bitterness. This cold IPA is smooth, easy drinking, and full of flavor!


ABV 6.6%       IBU 37

Draft Available: 1/6 BBL & 1/2 BBL
RoadrunnerFreshHopUNTAPPD (8.7 × 10 in).png
Roadrunner Fresh Hop Cold IRA

Roadrunner Fresh Hop Cold IRA is our first fresh hop beer of the 2023 season and has an aroma full of wonderful hops. Fresh Simcoe hops give an earthy and slightly dank presence in the flavor while a semi-sweet malt feel balances out the beer. The lager yeast allows the malt and hops to really showcase with a clean mouthfeel and crisp finish. Enjoy this fresh hop experience! 


ABV 6.7%       IBU 30

Draft Available: 1/6 BBL & 1/2 BBL
Journey to a New Strata-Sphere Fresh Hop IPA

Prepare to experience a flavorful journey that only takes place once a year! Fresh hops are not dried prior to being used in the brew which creates a unique flavor profile in this style of beer, including a lower bitterness and an earthy profile. This beer uses Strata hops which create a sweet and citrus aroma with a taste of tropical fruit. Expect all of these flavors to be blended and balanced in this IPA, which will take you and your taste buds to a new stratosphere!


ABV 6.3%       IBU 35

Draft Available: 1/6 BBL & 1/2 BBL
16oz Cans
PeachSeltzerUNTAPPD (8.7 × 10 in).png
Peach Seltzer

Wild Ride Brewing Seltzer is now available in kegs! The current production flavor is Peach. 


ABV 5.1%       

Draft Available: 1/6 BBL & 1/2 BBL 





WorthWild Fresh Hop

Collaboration with Worthy Brewing

All Jacked Up

Collaboration with Opposition Brewing

Redmond Rye'sing

Collaboration with Cascade Lakes Brewing



Glen's Strong Ale

Collaboration with Sunriver Brewing Co.


Collaboration with Breakside Brewing



Collaboration with Widmer Brothers Brewing


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