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No matter what your favorite style of brew, Wild Ride will have a beer for you! The list below includes some seasonal beers we have in our Tap Rooms. To get an complete list of what we are serving in our taprooms, please give us a call
at 541-516-8544 (RDM location) or 541-903-8130 (PRI location). 
CAUSE - EFFECT--Untapped-.jpg
Cause & Effect Experimental IPA

Our latest release in the Hop Heads Delight Series is Cause & Effect Experimental IPA. This IPA was brewed with HBC 586 and Elani hops. flavors of guava, tangerine, and mango penetrate your taste buds while a new IPA malt balances the flavors with robust nutty, grainy, and fresh bread notes. We brewed this beer to quench your thirst for new hops!



ABV 7%       IBU 31

Draft Available: 1/6 BBL & 1/2 BBL
16oz Cans Available
HANG TEN -Untapped-.jpg
Hang Ten Tropical Lager

Catch a wave of fruit flavor with a sip of Hang Ten Tropical Lager. Swells of passion fruit, guava, and citrus amp your taste buds while enjoying this celebratory beer! Thiolized yeast enhances the tropical flavors while Lemondrop and Elani hops provide strong citrus tones. Ride the wild side of this lager while raising a pint to 10 epic years!



ABV 4.9%       IBU 20

Draft Available: 1/6 BBL & 1/2 BBL
16oz Cans Available
Kiefer Magic IPA

This IPA has an approachable bitterness with an array of fruity aromas and flavors. Kiefer Magic IPA is magically delicious! Kiefer had a magical quality about him, some would say supernatural in his ability to unite friends and family. Please join us in keeping the magic alive by supporting mental health awareness in our communities. 


A portion of the proceeds of this beer will support mental health awareness in our honor of Kiefer Leutschaft. Read more about Kiefer's story here:


ABV 6.7%       IBU 50

Draft Available: 1/6 BBL & 1/2 BBL
16oz Cans Available
HellesLagerUNTAPPD (8.7 × 10 in).png
She Loves the Helles Out of Me Helles Lager

Our latest release in the Lager than Life Series is She Loves the Helles Out of Me Helles Lager. A golden yellow hue is featured, with malt flavors of light toast with a slight sweetness. Earthy and citrus hop flavors are present, while still allowing the malt backbone to be the main attraction. A soft and clean dry finish rounds out this enjoyable lager! 

This beer is a collaboration with our friends Toast & Jam to celebrate their album, She Loves the Hell Out of Me!

2024 Bronze Medal Winner – North American Beer Awards


ABV 5%       IBU 20

Draft Available: 1/6 BBL & 1/2 BBL
16oz Cans Available
PeachSeltzerUNTAPPD (8.7 × 10 in).png
Hard Seltzer

Wild Ride Brewing Seltzer is now available in kegs! Check with us for our current available flavor(s).  


ABV 5.1%       

Draft Available: 1/6 BBL & 1/2 BBL 





WorthWild Fresh Hop

Collaboration with Worthy Brewing

All Jacked Up

Collaboration with Opposition Brewing

Redmond Rye'sing

Collaboration with Cascade Lakes Brewing



Glen's Strong Ale

Collaboration with Sunriver Brewing Co.


Collaboration with Breakside Brewing



Collaboration with Widmer Brothers Brewing


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